DIY makeup organizer


Barbie in pink gown

Barbie looking stunning in a handmade pink gown
Photography by Rupali Das

Capturing the cat

My first post on photography...
 I clicked some pictures of the shabby cat that has made the backyard of my home its residence. My 5 year old son like to watch the cat from a distance. I feed it regularly and that's why the cat decided to stay back at my home. Here's the cat on the garden wall, relaxing on the doormat, post lunch.
The cat was happy to pose for me, I think so.. Or rather it was glaring at me with anger. Catty has very scary eyes.
All the pics are taken with my oldie 10 MP point and shoot camera so don't expect any tech specs of the pics from me. I just switch on the power and go click click..

Logos Logos Everywhere

I have been trying my hand at making logos for the past few days. The simple and boring name of blog on the unattractive images of my blog had really started to look bad and haphazard.

I have started putting small logos on the images to make them look better. I downloaded some free vector art from and edited the Adobe Illustrator files as per my need. right now Adobe Illustrator is the only thing I can work on, Photoshop is still too advanced for my liking. I used a free software called Phoxo to put watermarks on the images and it also gives me the facility to work with layers just like Adobe Photoshop. Here are a few logos that I made from the templates downloaded from They also have many great vector images, headers and labels etc.

I am trying with many varities of logos because I could not pick just one. Right now the first one is my current favorite. The wreath of little pink flowers looks so good on images. I will be adding more to my collection soon.


Black+White Faballey top from Myntra

I am a sucker for anything white and anything with lace. This lovely Faballey top that I bought from Myntra is totally amazing. I wish the fabric was a bit thick.This one gets creased easily. It can be worn both in office as well as parties. I like multipurpose clothes, anything too blingy and gaudy is absolutely not to my liking at all.
Here are the unboxing pics.

Shopping Haul @ Lifestyle @ Inorbit Mall Secundrabad

I really forgot to do a post about my last shopping haul @ Inorbit Secundrabad.
I hope the stuff is not out of fashion yet.
 What I bought.

1. A white quilted handbag
2. White+Mint dress
3. White Shirt
4. Oversized sheer lace shirt
5. Black lace blazer

I could find some of the images of the stuff I bought on Lifestyle website. I couldn't find pics for the rest of the stuff so I guess I have to post my poor quality pics.


Mint dress from Myntra

I am so liking mint this season. I bought a lovely white+mint lace dress from Lifestyle on my last trip to Hyderabad, I am still to publish that post. Ok I repeated myself again and bought a Dressberry lace dress with somewhat mint green color from Myntra. And as it always happens with me, the smallest size available was too large. So this dress will be altered this Sunday and I hope to remove so much material from the sides that I will be able to make a dress for my barbie.

Wall Decal again..

Update: Added more pics

My job allows me only one off per week :( and I choose to spend my dear Sunday on making something or doing long pending work at my house. This Sunday I repainted portions of my house. My whole house is painted white! I just love white. Apart from looking good white color also makes the room brighter as compared to colored walls. So only one light will provide better illumination than in colored rooms as white color reflects light. White painted walls also make the room appear bigger in size.  The only drawback with white walls is that they get dirty very easily. My 5 year old started drawing on the walls few months back and he had to be explained not to do so. Also some civil work had to be done in the house a while back and the people working left hand marks and cement marks on the walls. So repainting was done this Sunday.

A pop of color with white background looks so good in the house. The pop of color can be your brightly colored cushions or your curtains, even your bedsheets. I add that extra pop of color with wall decals.

Here are some poorly taken pics of the decals. I am not able to get good pics because the decals are right below the tubelight and it is the only source of light in the room. The windows are shut tightly for the summer. Even the AC is not effective, it's so hot here.

Floral dress from Jabong

This summer I was so busy buying  lace that I never took notice I don't have anything floral in my closet. I am not a fan of prints, any kind of prints. All my clothes are mostly solid in color and textured. I guess buying dresses made of flowery lace was my waya of buying florals.

Anyways, I am trying to give some variety to my clothes and I went on and bought a floral dress from Jabong.


A good box is something that I can't throw away. I have a lot of boxes in my house thanks to all the online shopping that I do.  These boxes are so much help when it comes to organizing. I use them in my wardrobe, kitchen, garage and everywhere that I need to organize something. And when I run short of boxes, I run to my nearest grocery store and get some from there.

I bought a 3 pack of some soap and it was beautifully packed in a transparent box. And as said, i could not throw it away. Recycling also happens to be my middle name and here's my recycle project.

Road Trip

It was road trip time a few days back and I finally found the opportunity to use some of my new accessories. A lovely white quilted hand bag that I bought on my last trip to Hyderabad from Lifestyle Store, Inorbit Mall for 1200 Rs. Ok I will have to do a post about my last shopping haul @ Lifestyle.

This bag is a bit huge for daily use but ideal for travel althought its white. It has lots of small pockets inside and yes the phone slot can really hold my phone. Everyone has a 5 inch+ phone these days but the phone slots that are there in most of the purses are so small.

Some more essentials

Here's my latest cosmetics haul from

These are some of the things a woman can't live without. Last week was really bad. I broke a new lipstick, a shade that I wear regularly and I have been buying it for some years. Then I dropped my compact and it was no more compact. It exploded into a million pieces. And I was leaving on a two day trip that very evening. I did not had any backup for my compact and those two days I missed it a lot. I ordered a new one from Snapdeal mobile app while travelling. 

Here are the pictures.
The box...

Cello Tape Nail Art

Hey all,

Its been a while since I have been collecting different shades of nail paints. And now its time to try them on.

 I did another simple nail art with cello tape.

Items needed

Two different shades of nail paint, contrasting colors will give a vibrant effect
Base coat, Top Coat
Cello tape

The process.

Step 1. Cut thin pieces of Cello tape and keep aside. This step is to be done first if you are trying to do the nail art in one go. Because if you try to do it when the tape is to be sticked to the nail then there is a chance that handling the scissors may damage the base coat.

Step 2. Put a base coat on the nail.

Skip this step if you don't use a base coat.

Step 3. Apply base color on the nail. Use the lighter or more brighter shade for the base color.

Step 4. Very Important!!! Let the base color dry completely.
If the base color is not dry and hard, the color will be peeled off while removing the tape.

What I do: I apply the base color in afternoon and continue with the rest of the process in the evening or maybe next day.

Step 5: Apply the strips of cello tape in zig zag fashion or parallel style on your painted nails.

step 6: Paint the nails with the darker shade and let it dry.

Step 7: Ensure that the nail paint is dry completely before proceeding to the next step

Step 8: Peel off the cello tape. If the paint is not dry then while peeling off the tape the edges of nail paint will fray and you will not get clean edges.

Step 9: Apply a transparent top coat

Step 10: Show off your nails!!

I did not take pictures of the process but here are some pics of the end result.

This one is black over blue. I tried this one on myself and it turned out to be pretty good. I had cut wider strips of tape which did not make the nail look too good. :)

Organize.. Organize

I have recently started collecting a few stud earrings. Actually I can only wear studs with my office wear which is very formal.
I bought some lovely asymmetrical studs (each earring is of a different design) from and an assorted set from Have a look


Hey all,

I found a great website a couple of days back. and I ordered some stuff.
Here are my goodies.

Three color hair highlights

DIY washer necklace

For me no day can go buy without making anything. These days I am eyeing anything and everything that I can paint. And the latest victims were a couple of washers. These can be bought at any hardware store and if your husband is the Do-It-Yourselfer around the house, just peep into his toolbox or where ever he keeps his stuff.

I serioulsy wanted to mark this post as Buy or DIY.. but this is a DIY post only. Because.. well.. nobody sells necklace made of washers :)

Here's what you will need.

1. Couple of washers
2. Paint brush
3. Acrylic paint
4. Necklace or (whatever you wish to hang around your neck)

I used Pearl Metallic acrylic colors from Fevicryl Hobby Ideas

Buy Or DIY- Transparent Bag

Hey all,

I have been spotting a lot of transparent or see through bags lately. I simply fell in love with the Furla Candy bag. I wish I could afford one of these. But it was time for me to have one. So I made myself one.
 Here's my bag

Buy or DIY: Lace clutch

Hey all,

Lace and sheers are so in this season.. I have been buying anything that has lace on it. I have lace T shirts, lace dresses and even shoes with lace. I spotted some cool looking lace bags while window shopping and I needed to have one right away..

I thought of buying but then I stumbled upon this lovely DIY to make a lace envelope clutch and I remembered that I have an old dress (from my childhood) lying in my closet and it is made of similar lace fabric... About old things.. I do have very old belongling still in good condition, because I believe in repairing and not throwing away.

For all the lovely ladies who want to buy, here are the links. I could not find such good lace clutches on Indian websites but there are some amazing designs available on international websites (have a look for inspiration)

Buy these
1.  HERE  2. HERE 3. HERE 4. HERE 5. HERE

For the love of shoes...

Hey all,
 I have been shoe shopping again. I don't know why I do this everytime. I just can't stop myself from buying a lovely pair. Here's what I bought.