Shoe Shopping @

Hey all,

After i bought a lot of dresses and  2 handbags from Flipkart, I was in need of good shoes to go along with the dresses. I have a lot of black, brown and beige shoes. So this time I decided to go colorful
Here's what I bought

I bought  blue wedge bellies and a green high heels
Here are the boxes

Hard Disk shopping at (Again!!!)

Hey all

After my last debacle with Seagate Harddisk Click Here

I did't know what was going to happen to my crashed disk. I was in need of a backup disk so I decided to buy one, except not Seagate. I went for Western Digital this time. Its a really good brand and I am saying it since I have been using it for quite some time now. I tried on Sony HDD too.. a friend gave it to me to copy some videos.. and it sucked.

Here are the pics of my new HDD

Handbag shopping on

Hey all,

A couple of days back had a lovely discount going on at their website and I decided to indulge.
I bought two handbags A blur big one a small bag one.

Here's the package

Online shopping at

Hey all,

 Some necessary supplies from

The box

Shopping at PonyCraftstore

Hey all,

I tried my hand on a different kind of shopping this time. I went shopping for needles and crochet hooks. Actually I wanted to make something for my mom for a long time. I am kind of newbie at this stuff but I think youtube will come to the rescue. But before that I had to gather the supplies. My dear hubby bought lovely yarn from New Delhi and I couldn't wait to get started. So here's what I bought.

The package.

First time apparel shopping on Flipkart

Hey all,

So I went apparel shopping on I have always shopped from either Jabong or Myntra for clothes. Flipkart was reserved for electronics and other stuff. There was a really good offer going on at Flipkart and I was short of dresses. So I decided to indulge. Here's what I bought..

I didn't take good pics of the package or the dresses cause I was going on a trip and had to pack these in my suitcase ASAP.

Shopping at Jabong

Hey all,

This time I went shopping on Jabong. I bought a belt, a pair of flat bellies and two lip gloss. I wonder why the fragile label was there on the package... Maybe it was the lipgloss.

Online Shopping on Snapdeal

Hey all,

I have not written a post for so long. I was busy with online shopping and there is a lot of backlog to clear.

I bought a double sided board and a whiteboard marker set for my kid from The board is a blackboard on one side and white board on the other side. So I don't have to bother what my kid wants to use... I just flip it over.

So here is the big box that arrived from Bluedart (really love their service)