Buy or Diy: Embellished collar shirt

Hey there,
I went online window shopping on Koovs :) and found some really nice casual collared shirts. They have lovely embellished collars that give them a fun feel. These can be worn casually or even to office (if the bling is not too much). But I was really disappointed at the price of these. Come on, just adding little bit of embellishment does not  escalates its price 3 times!

I will not spend 1500 on a shirt, but I still want to have something like this. I searched my closet and found a plain black shirt that I never wear anywhere because it makes me feel like I am going to a funeral. So its time for funeral shirt to get jazzed up and be party ready.. Scroll down for my DIY

 No crafting skills or time.. Then buy these

Buy These HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE from Koovs.Com

Buy or DIY: Phone Cover

Hi there,

I am back with another BUY or DIY post. A few days back I was looking to buy a colorful cover for my Tab on a website and I just couldn't help noticing the lovely Iphone cases available online.
I am not a fan of Iphone so no chance of owning it. I will stick to anything that runs android any day.
I currently own an antique phone, Samsung Galaxy S2 Rooted and Running Cyanogenmod 11 (Android Kitkat). I have owned this phone for nearly 3 years now and I am still not in any mood to change it. But after looking at those lovely phone covers I do want to jazz up my phone a little bit... Or a lot.

 I use the lovely leather pouch that came with the phone to carry it. It gives a more sophisticated feel in office. But at times a being a bit funky is required. I looked up the internet buy could not find anything within budget/suitable for my phone. My phone has become antique as I earlier said.
I had an old hard case lying around that I had stopped using, because it added to the thickness of the phone and made it bulky. So yesterday it was time to sacrifice it for one of my DIYs.

My inspiration: Actually nothing.. I just wanted a red case. But for pictorial representations here a picture

Digitally Printed cushion cover from Infibeam

Hey all,

I bought these lovely digitally printed Me Sleep cushion covers from a few days back.
I bought them at 99 Rs each. Their actual price is quite high but they were on sale for a day and I didn't miss out,
Infibeam is one site i look up everyday. They have this fab link called Magic Box on the top right corner of the homepage. the put a different product for dale everyday. I have bought many small items at very low prices. 
These cushion covers are digitally printed on a good quality fabric. I have not washed them yet, but I don't think that the colors will fade. The feel of the fabric is also very soft. The only problem I had is that putting them on the cushions was very difficult. The cut is exactly in the center of the cover.

But they have spellbound color.. Simply irrestible.. Must buy for giving a modern look to your home.

Buying gifts at Jabong

Hey all,
I went on a bag shopping spree a couple of weeks back on I received a free voucher for shopping and I spent most of it on bags.
I bought a couple more things too, mostly for gifting. I didn't took pics of the things that I purchased for gifting. 

Here's what I bought for myself.

A red sling bag- perfect for office. I don't like to carry my bag in my hands in my office. A sling bag provides more mobility because I keep running here and there in office. This one is better than the last on I bought SEE HERE. It is lighter, has more space and looks more pretty and better color. Bought from HERE

Leggings @ Cilory

Hi friends

I'm back with some new hot stuff. I found lovely printed leggings at
And that too with a very affordable price. I have already ordered a couple of them.

Shopping white from

Hi there
I bought a couple of things from last week. As summer is here I am stocking up on white clothes. Anyways I never need any reason to buy white :)
Here's what I bought

A white lace dress with orange sash

Wall stickers (Decals) to decorate your home

Hi there,

I recently bought some wall decals to decorate my living room and kid's room. I found a lovely website

They have lovely wall stickers of all kinds, cartoons for kids room, mirror stickers, 3D stickers, glowing stickers and even chalkboard stickers.
Not only they are reasonably priced and of extremely good quality, they offer free shipping all over India. I orderd one just as I saw this website.

I ordered. Click on the image to go to the website. 

My bling bling

Hey all,

Here's me sharing some pieces of my bling collection

Silver diamante Handcuff


Hi there,

I always loved shoes from Donebynone, but they always seemed to be just out of my budget. I saw them first on FLipkart, Jabong  etc. but then by chance I found out that Donebynone sells stuff through its own website and a few weekends back I happened to open its website  and was shocked to see a flat 50 % sale !!!

I couldn't believe my eyes and before the sale went dry I ordered some cute heels for my self.
These are called "Quite a Good Day Heels". They have a name for all their stuff.. kinda cute :)

I bought them for 899 at the weekend sale

 That's me shopping.. 
Dress from Flipkart. HERE's the post I did when I bought this dress
Bag from Hush Puppies (Available at Bata stores)
Belt and earrings from Jabong
Shoes Donebynone
necklace and hand cuff from my local market.

Here are the real pics of my real donebynone shoes..:) They look so good. The pics are bad..I know. I really need to stop taking pics from my phone and use a real camera. :)

DIY Favor Bag

Hey all,

I'm doing one of those rare DIY posts :)

I made some cute return gift boxes for my son's birthday. I am one of those people who like to add a personal touch to everything.

I used this lovely template from Minieco

Click on the image to get the template

All about Midi Rings

Hey all

I've been buying a lot of jewelry online and something that really caught my eye is the midi ring. A midi ring is worn on the mid of the finger.

Have a look. They are really delicate and eye catching. Can't wait to buy some for me.

Here are some options at

Buying @ Jabong

Hey all,

I have been adding to my collection of bags. I bought two from Flipkart recently, a black one and big blue handbag. I really need a sling bag right now for office.

Here's what I bought from Jabong.

The Package

Buy Food online India

Hey all.

Summer is already here in India and whats the best way to beat it than lovely cold drinks.
I buy a lot of special squashes and fruit punches from Balaji Grand Bazaar in Hyderabad. They have a lovely stock of special foods and beverages that is not normally found at other provisional stores. They also have imported food stuff from all over India and even abroad. This place is a must go for any food enthusiast.

Their website is click and find the locations of their stores in Hyderabad.

Sadly I am short on stock now and I could not make it to Hyderabad so food shopping also is being done online.

I found this really good website and the best part is that they have a nice collection of squashes and fruit syrups and jams. What more they offer free delivery within India if you shop over 500 Rs.

Happy shopping