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Hey all,

I have not written a post for so long. I was busy with online shopping and there is a lot of backlog to clear.

I bought a double sided board and a whiteboard marker set for my kid from The board is a blackboard on one side and white board on the other side. So I don't have to bother what my kid wants to use... I just flip it over.

So here is the big box that arrived from Bluedart (really love their service)

When the cardboard was removed (with much difficulty) , these were the contents. A board and a set of whiteboard marker pens.
Side 1 - Whiteboard

 Side 2 - Blackboard

 The beautiful 12 piece marker pen set. I chose this one instead of the boring black green and red. My kid loves to draw.

This was a really good buy for my 5 year old. He loves to write on blackboard and now he is doing it even at home.

The only problem was that there was no arrangement to hang the board. It came with a set of 3 hooks to support it. The hooks were installed in the wall like 3 vertices of a triangle and the board just firs in between them. Its a bit tricky to flip the board that way. But at the rate that I got it, I don't complain.

My kid loves it and so do I.



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