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Hey All,

I ordered a few days back @ and I have been waiting for my order for the past week. This is quite unusual because even though I don't live in a big city, orders from arrive in flat 4 days. 

However this time it was really bad. Even after 4 days of ordering the products, my order status was showing as verified and not shipped.
It took a few calls to Purplle to find out the reason and finally they admitted that they are waiting for one of the products in my order as it was out of stock and my order will be dispatched soon.
 And to top it all they didn't even marked the product as out of stock on their website.
So I was stuck with an order placed @ Purplle which was not being dispatched, I desparately wanted my Loreal Professional Masque because there was not a drop of it left in my old jar and my hair was going all unruly.
 Anyways I got my order 3 days back and here it is.

Their packages look like shoe boxes. I will miss in terms of packing. Their boxes and packing was beautiful. But sadly the website is now closed.

Here is the shoe box from Purplle without shoes :)

Online shopping for shoes again

Hey all.

I saw great offers @ a few days back. I had been eyeing some sandals from a long time but did not buy because their price were a little high and did not fit into my category of a good bargain.
But I got lucky this time :)
The same sandals went on a sale, here are the unpacking pics and the gorgeous sandals.

So this is the box sitting pretty on my bed.

 A little peek of the boxes inside the plastic cover. Taped and secured properly

Here are the two boxes.. Cant wait to open..:)
 Two lovely pair of sandals.

 Ok. this one was bought in the clearance sale @ 270 only

 The grey and red shoe costed Rs 600.. but its a real beauty.

Buy this HERE. 

There are 2 versions of this shoe. A grey one and a black one.
Black sandals are very common, and I already had one black and red combination sandal. So I chose the grey one.

Happy shopping people :)

Chhota Bheem shopping @ Hyderabad

My kid is a big fan of Chhota Bheem and since he has started going to school he wants everything with Chhota Bheem. He has two bottles, a cup, a penstand, a toy and even a flipflop with Chhota Bheem. And of course a few T shirts

So we went Bheem shopping @ Hyderabad

Stores In Hyderabad

 These are the stuff we bought (rather my kid bought).

If you don't have a Greengold store near you , you can buy these cool stuff for your kid online at

He wanted the combo pack of figures of all the characters but we had make him adjust with just one. 
And this is the one that he picked. Buy it HERE

 A Bheem cup for drinking milk and a penstand for study table..(I hope he starts studying now)
 Buy the cup HERE 
Buy the penstand HERE

I have to say the quality of the products is very good.

And here is a little Bheem straw to help him drink milk in the Bheem cup
Buy it HERE
 A pair of Bheem flip flop to help him play.
Buy it HERE

This is his second Bheem water bottle.The first one was broken at a bottle fight in his school.
Buy it HERE

 This one was gift on his birthday.It is a wooden cutout.
 Currenly not available on the website, but keep checking

Happy Bheem shopping....

Most of the above items and many more can be bought HERE at

One T shirt is available @ Buy it HERE


Dr. Scholls foot care

Since my last post was about sexy shoes. Here's another thing that one might need with high heeled shoes.

These are Dr Scholls foot care products. Dr. Scholls is an international brand in foot care. 
Actually there are many products but I am mentioning a few of them. 

This one is really useful when you are shopping online. what happens when you buy your dream shoes and find that they are a tad bit loose??
Well here are heel liners. Just stick them at the back of the heel to make the shoe fit right :) So simple and cheap

Buy them HERE 

 So your favorite shoes hurt your heel? Here is the solution. 

These insoles can make your uncomfortable shoes comfortable.

Scholl Party Feet invisible toe post Cushions help to protect the tender area between the toes caused by rubbing flip flops and toe post killer heels.

These can be bought at and  

Online shopping for shoes

I am a huge shoe addict. When i am in need of one pair I always end up buying 3. 

The site that is fulfilling my fetish right now is

One of my favorite pair of shoes that I bought from

Buy these Here
and my latest purchases are these. Sadly these cannot be found anymore on the website

 The brown sandal costed me Rs. 450 only. It was the last piece for sale and with amazing discount.

 This Aria ballet flats are soooo... comfortable and lovely black flower deco. I bought them for Rs, 700. Many variations of these can be bought on

And the best news .. there is a huge sale going on now.. so grab some stuff

Paper Christmas Tree for fancy dress costume

Hi there,

There was a fancy dress competition at my kids school a few months back, and I seized this opportunity to put my craftiness into use. I had the option of renting a costume for him but I decided to take the matter in my own hands.

It was nearly Christmas then and so I decided to go with the Christmas theme and decide to make him a Christmas tree.  I looked up the internet for paper Christmas trees and found a nice way make one of my own that I could put over my kids head. 

Online Shopping for Cosmetics

I do most of my online shopping @

Its a great website in terms of product range, availability, discounts and plus it delivers all over India.
More over you get points for every purchase and reviews. These points can then be redeemed like cash.
Minimum order for free delivery Rs 500

Hair Care

I went for Loreal hair smoothening at Hyderabad (which is the nearest city to my remote location). And these are the products that I am using right now. Normal shampoos cannot be used on my hair now.

The opaque bottle is Loreal Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo, the purple tub is masque (used as a conditioner) , the transparent bottle is the serum which is used on shampooed and towel dried hair.

The large blue tub is Loreal Hair Spa. I use it every 15 days to give some shine and weight to my hair.

The first time I went for hair product shopping was very painful. There are a very few shops in that sell the professional products. They have to be bought through a salon. But it was my bad luck that the salon where I got my treatment done did not had the stock so he redirected me to a shop. And after 2 hours of waiting (because the shopkeeper did not had the products in his shop and he arranged it from somewhere else) I got the stuff. And I never ever bought it from a shop again.

So here comes in online shopping. A few shop owners give discounts on cosmetics. They are mostly sold on MRP. I buy these products (except the hair spa) at
I get 15-20 Rs discount and what more I get these products delivered at my doorsteps. This is a huge blessing for me. Because I won't have to plan a 5 hour trip and a days stay in Hyderbad if I am running out of shampoo..:)

You can also buy these at
Slassy. It does not gives discount like Purplle but a backup is always good.
And in case if you are thinking if these products might not be delivered to your address - dont worry. If blue dart courier comes to your place these will also come.

So happy shopping and dont forget to leave a comment if you like this post.

My First Post


This is my first post and I will make sure that there are many more.

A little bit about myself. I live in India and I am a working woman. But what I love most is doing things around the house, a bit of cooking if I am not tiered, sewing, craft work, gardening and lots of DIY stuff.

I love to travel and go to places that are not usually on travel guides. But my little son is making traveling very difficult these days :)

I also love online shopping. Actually I don't have any other option because the place where I live cannot be called a city. My work usually keeps me remote places in India so even buying petty stuff like your favourite shampoo is a big task.

So keep visiting as I post exciting stuff.