Water drops

Rain brings back fond memories...The scent of the soil and the sound of the drops...They mean so much
Took these pics on a recent road trip...Road trips are much more fun when its raining

VLCC Makeup Brushes from Purplle.com

I was looking for teeny tiny makeup brushes that I can carry with me in my purse for day outs. The ones I have now have long handles and are difficult to carry in small purses. 
Anyways keeping one essential set of brushes in purse is always handy.

I did not wanted to buy very expensive ones and luckily I stumbled upon VLCC Gromme brush kit on Purplle.com

I also bought Maybelline Colorshow Coral Craze along with the brush set and somehow I also got a mini bottle of Clean and Clear face wash as freebie. Some careless shopper am I.

Here are the goodies....

I really hate it when these people ruin the look of a product by applying so many stickers. I like my things clean.