I am awesome... I was made that way :)

The cutest kid

A little gift for you

Hello everyone,

 Here is a cute little cat from me to brighten your day. Don't forget to smile today.

The cutest kid.....

Silence is golden..

Silence is supposed to be golden.. until you have kids and then silence becomes suspicious..

Wanna come aboard?

Hello everyone,

I am taking this to sea today, anyone wanna join me?

Hold my hand...

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty


The festival of lights (Diwali) is just round the corner and I am in a pre festive mood.  Enjoy with some snapshots taken with my Nikon P600 camera. 




The cutest kid

 Hello everyone, my name is Arhaan and my mom thinks I am the cutest kid... well every mom thinks that for their kids. :)
Here's me with my ever present smile going for a ride in the car. I hope my smile will bring a smile on your face too. Have a nice day

Photo courtsey Framesnfocus

Flowers Blooming all around

Captured a couple of wild flowers blooming around my house.