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I went for Loreal hair smoothening at Hyderabad (which is the nearest city to my remote location). And these are the products that I am using right now. Normal shampoos cannot be used on my hair now.

The opaque bottle is Loreal Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo, the purple tub is masque (used as a conditioner) , the transparent bottle is the serum which is used on shampooed and towel dried hair.

The large blue tub is Loreal Hair Spa. I use it every 15 days to give some shine and weight to my hair.

The first time I went for hair product shopping was very painful. There are a very few shops in that sell the professional products. They have to be bought through a salon. But it was my bad luck that the salon where I got my treatment done did not had the stock so he redirected me to a shop. And after 2 hours of waiting (because the shopkeeper did not had the products in his shop and he arranged it from somewhere else) I got the stuff. And I never ever bought it from a shop again.

So here comes in online shopping. A few shop owners give discounts on cosmetics. They are mostly sold on MRP. I buy these products (except the hair spa) at
I get 15-20 Rs discount and what more I get these products delivered at my doorsteps. This is a huge blessing for me. Because I won't have to plan a 5 hour trip and a days stay in Hyderbad if I am running out of shampoo..:)

You can also buy these at
Slassy. It does not gives discount like Purplle but a backup is always good.
And in case if you are thinking if these products might not be delivered to your address - dont worry. If blue dart courier comes to your place these will also come.

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