Dr. Scholls foot care

Since my last post was about sexy shoes. Here's another thing that one might need with high heeled shoes.

These are Dr Scholls foot care products. Dr. Scholls is an international brand in foot care. 
Actually there are many products but I am mentioning a few of them. 

This one is really useful when you are shopping online. what happens when you buy your dream shoes and find that they are a tad bit loose??
Well here are heel liners. Just stick them at the back of the heel to make the shoe fit right :) So simple and cheap

Buy them HERE 

 So your favorite shoes hurt your heel? Here is the solution. 

These insoles can make your uncomfortable shoes comfortable.

Scholl Party Feet invisible toe post Cushions help to protect the tender area between the toes caused by rubbing flip flops and toe post killer heels.

These can be bought at Medplusbeauty.com and Healthkart.com  

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