Chhota Bheem shopping @ Hyderabad

My kid is a big fan of Chhota Bheem and since he has started going to school he wants everything with Chhota Bheem. He has two bottles, a cup, a penstand, a toy and even a flipflop with Chhota Bheem. And of course a few T shirts

So we went Bheem shopping @ Hyderabad

Stores In Hyderabad

 These are the stuff we bought (rather my kid bought).

If you don't have a Greengold store near you , you can buy these cool stuff for your kid online at

He wanted the combo pack of figures of all the characters but we had make him adjust with just one. 
And this is the one that he picked. Buy it HERE

 A Bheem cup for drinking milk and a penstand for study table..(I hope he starts studying now)
 Buy the cup HERE 
Buy the penstand HERE

I have to say the quality of the products is very good.

And here is a little Bheem straw to help him drink milk in the Bheem cup
Buy it HERE
 A pair of Bheem flip flop to help him play.
Buy it HERE

This is his second Bheem water bottle.The first one was broken at a bottle fight in his school.
Buy it HERE

 This one was gift on his birthday.It is a wooden cutout.
 Currenly not available on the website, but keep checking

Happy Bheem shopping....

Most of the above items and many more can be bought HERE at

One T shirt is available @ Buy it HERE


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