Online shopping for shoes again

Hey all.

I saw great offers @ a few days back. I had been eyeing some sandals from a long time but did not buy because their price were a little high and did not fit into my category of a good bargain.
But I got lucky this time :)
The same sandals went on a sale, here are the unpacking pics and the gorgeous sandals.

So this is the box sitting pretty on my bed.

 A little peek of the boxes inside the plastic cover. Taped and secured properly

Here are the two boxes.. Cant wait to open..:)
 Two lovely pair of sandals.

 Ok. this one was bought in the clearance sale @ 270 only

 The grey and red shoe costed Rs 600.. but its a real beauty.

Buy this HERE. 

There are 2 versions of this shoe. A grey one and a black one.
Black sandals are very common, and I already had one black and red combination sandal. So I chose the grey one.

Happy shopping people :)

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