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Hey All,

I ordered a few days back @ and I have been waiting for my order for the past week. This is quite unusual because even though I don't live in a big city, orders from arrive in flat 4 days. 

However this time it was really bad. Even after 4 days of ordering the products, my order status was showing as verified and not shipped.
It took a few calls to Purplle to find out the reason and finally they admitted that they are waiting for one of the products in my order as it was out of stock and my order will be dispatched soon.
 And to top it all they didn't even marked the product as out of stock on their website.
So I was stuck with an order placed @ Purplle which was not being dispatched, I desparately wanted my Loreal Professional Masque because there was not a drop of it left in my old jar and my hair was going all unruly.
 Anyways I got my order 3 days back and here it is.

Their packages look like shoe boxes. I will miss in terms of packing. Their boxes and packing was beautiful. But sadly the website is now closed.

Here is the shoe box from Purplle without shoes :)

All the items are packed into one big blob of bubble wrap.

Inside the bubble wrap

So here are all my products. God knows which one was unavailable but I have now got my masque and my hair is going to be happy again !

Lakme Radiance compact. A staple makeup item found in almost every woman's bag
Street Wear Lip Gloss. This one is Choco Bloom. I absolutely love the shade but the bottle was damaged. See the cracks on the cap. I had to put lots of transparent tape on it to prevent further damage and then lodge a complaint @ Purplle

Lakme Jewel Sindoor. Since I am married I wear sindoor and this one is awesome. Its liquid (powder sindoors are a strict no-no). It does not smudge even in sweat and it sparkles a little bit. I love it

My fav hair smoothening product. It keeps my hair in check

Maybelline watershine liquid diamonds lip gloss. This one is lilac. Nice small bottle. Good to keep in handbag for daily use.
And along with all these there was a pack of Kara wipes. An essential in my bag becuase I don't know where my kid will get mud or tomato sauce or loads of chocolates on his face  :)

Keep checking in for more
See ya

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