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The box

 The contents
 1. Ponds talc
2. Loreal Liss Ultime hair Serum
3. Sunsilk Shampoo
4. Tresemme shampoo.

The hair serum is a must have for me, but I really wanted to try the Tresemme shampoo. This one says that it will keep my hair straight. Ok I already had hair straightening done on my hair like a year ago. And some parts of my hair have started to twist and turn like they were before. And I got really bored with straight hair so I did not wanted to get the treatment again. But at times I do want those curly parts of my hair to be straight for a while.
And trust me people this shampoo really works - only for 2 days, That's how long I can stay without washing my hair, so I don't know if it will keep the hair straight for a longer period. Anyone who wants to have lovely straight hair for a day or two must use this and then blow dry your hair for the perfect look.

Go on try it.

See you all later

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