Handbag shopping on Flipkart.com

Hey all,

A couple of days back Flipkart.com had a lovely discount going on at their website and I decided to indulge.
I bought two handbags A blur big one a small bag one.

Here's the package

Inside the box

The bags outside the box. They were wrapped in bubble wrap. I didn't take a pic of that

  The black one is really nice. A rigid little bag. It looks tiny but surprisingly holds a lot of things.

This is how this bag looked on the website. It is certainly one of the best purchases I have made

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Now the other bag. This one is blue, it looked at lot better on the website pics. Not so in real life. And this one turned out to be a disaster. It was defective but I had already cut the tags by then :(
The defect was minor a couple of stitches were off but that converted into a big gaping hole when I used the bag for the first time. Also I broke one or two zippers. And this one went right into the trash after just a single use. Don't buy anything that is named Alessia or Alessiya. These bags are just crap.

So that's all for now. 
Stay tuned for more shopping



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