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Hey all,

I got another shocker this week when I tried to place an order with
These guys have too increased their free shipping limit from 500 to 700 !!!!
C'mon Purplle people we are very unhappy.

But still I shopped and this time my order took a week to be processed ! The reason the Purplle people gave me  "product unavailability". Seriously guys if the product was not available at your warehouse why didn't you showed it as "out of stock" on your site.
So because Purplle team is kinda lazy in updating their website, people like me book OFS items and wait and wait and wait....
Ok so one of the nailpaint I ordered (that I really wanted wanted wanted) was not available with them and they offered me to pick some other item of the same value so that my order can be shipped on time. But the stubborn me refused to change the order because I wanted the orange nail paint and I told them I am ready to wait. So after eight days of waiting I finally got my package the same I ordered. :P

Here are the unboxing pics:
 The "Shoe Box" from Purplle duly wrapped.

Inside the shoe box - everything is tightly packed inside a bubble wrap.

The products-
 1. Loreal Casting Creme Gloss darkest Brown
 2. Maybelline Colorama Laranja Citrico (Orange)
3. Maybelline Colorama Nude
4. Lakme Clear Glass

As  you can see in the above pic, the hair color box is a bit crushed. But since the package arrived in good condition I assume that the hair color box was damaged in their warehouse or during bubble wrapping.  And after seeing this I again admit I terribly miss Their boxes would make you really really happy.

Here are the three beauties. Which one do you like ?

More nail paints to try. I will be posting pics soon

See ya.


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