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Hey all,

So I bought some items from And here are the unboxing pics

 A whole lot of goodies..:)
 First is a Vega square tip tweezer. I lost mine and so here's another.
 This little thing is called a gel cushion. I desperately needed it for one of my high heels that give me a lot of pain. These can be stuck on the base of any sandals and they prevent your feet from slipping out from the front. Also they provide great cushioning and comfort. Dr. Scholl is a more popular brand for foot comfort, but Foot Favorites is from Faces and cost less.  And if you want to know more about other different types for shoe inserts, see my previous post HERE

Please ignore the soap, I was falling short 10 Rs from the free shipping limit :) The nail paint is Street Wear Bubble Gum pink. I really liked the shade when I saw it but the real thing is not as appealing. The color is really light. The picture on the site showed a bit darker shade. It's nothing like bubblegum :( It's more like a silver color with a pink tint. I will post the pics of this shade later.
 Faces eyeshadow pack. It has four different shades. The first one is a pale pink, second one is a bit darker, the third shade is light purple and last one is dark purple (almost black). I love buying palettes because you get more colors to play with.

And this is the only thing for which I started shopping from Medplusbeauty :). Since my job keeps me remote places, getting small things like your kids favourite toothpaste becomes a difficult task. Earlier I used to buy 2-3 tubes whenever I found them available in nearby stores, but now online shopping has made things pretty easy for me.
Here's a picture of the complete loot.
That's all for now. I have to try my new nailpaint

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