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Hey all,

I tried my hand on a different kind of shopping this time. I went shopping for needles and crochet hooks. Actually I wanted to make something for my mom for a long time. I am kind of newbie at this stuff but I think youtube will come to the rescue. But before that I had to gather the supplies. My dear hubby bought lovely yarn from New Delhi and I couldn't wait to get started. So here's what I bought.

The package.

The contents

A set of crochet hooks for wool. These look so lovely and are so comfy because of their plastic handle (unlike the steel one). Also since they are made of aluminium these are very light weight.

A circular knitting needle. These are used for making circular things like caps and very wide things like a shawl that a normal length needle cannot accommodate. So I am planning to make a woolen shawl for my mom since I am basically not good at increasing and decreasing the loops . So a sweater is out of question.:)

A pair of normal knitting needles. I am planning to make a scarf for my sister with this

Some shirring elastic. I don't know why I bought these. But since I found them on the website and I may need it in future for my sewing projects. 

Here's the circular knitting needle out of the packet.
And the crochet hooks

I am going to post my work here .. so keep watching.

UPDATE: here's something that I am making now. Its something between a shawl and a scarf.. but looks good
I found the pattern on youtube. Its called the crossstitch .. or something like that. It wasn't suppose to have this big holes but its my version of the design and I think its turning out pretty well 

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