My Nail Art

Hey all,

I've been collecting nail paints and seeing a lot of nail arts and I tried to do some of my own :)

 The first one is pretty basic. A transparent base coat and some peach colored glitter at the ends.

 I bought the glitter at a local store. An unlabeled bottle.

Here's another one. This one can turn out really good if you have a dotting tool, other wise the rounded end of a toothpick will do just fine. But in my case I used none and created a messy design. :) I love the color combination though.
 This one turned out to be really good, if we ignore the bare index finger, that I later painted with Maybelline Nude. The sparkling little CD like things are the sew on glitters. The black and pink combination looked really good, but the glitters came of pretty soon because I had to do a lot of work.

 Here's a bottle of Maybelline Nude and Maybelline Orange. I am currently experimenting with orange color. Pics will follow soon


Here are the trial pics of a Blue Heaven Nail paint that I bought from
I remember when I was a little kid, my Mom used to buy Blue Heaven products :) I couldn't stop myself from buying one. Tell me what you think of the color. This one took 3 coats to get a nice finish and an even longer time to dry. But its worth a try because it costs something around 30


My experiments with orange 

 I finally tried the orange color. The polish is smooth and glowing. I absolutely loved how it turned out.
 And the next pic will show you my poorly done nail art with aluminum foil.

I first painted my nails orange and while it was still a bit wet I placed pieces of aluminum foil over my nails, waited for some time and then filed my nails to remove the excess foil.

It could have turned out better but the clumsy me will never do anything properly. Only if I had allowed the orange paint to dry out completely before filing my nails the result would have been completely different.

The foil started peeling off at the ends after a few minutes and the center of the nail was still wet due to which dents appeared on the foil.

This one didn't even lasted a day. If you are thinking of trying this nail art please cut the foil pieces before starting the process. Do not use the filing method that I did. and give your nail paint lots of time to dry.


New shades..

Here are two new shades
1. Maybelline colorama Nude
2. Street Wear Bubblegum pink

The nude color is really nice. It compliments my skin color perfectly.
I am not too sure about the "bubblegum pink". Firstly the color does not comes any close to looking like Bubblegum color. It rather looks like a tint of pink in silver. Its too shiny for my taste.

While the Maybelline colors give out a nice glow, Street Wear colors are very shiny. Pick you fav.:)


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