Shopping Haul @ Lifestyle @ Inorbit Mall Secundrabad

I really forgot to do a post about my last shopping haul @ Inorbit Secundrabad.
I hope the stuff is not out of fashion yet.
 What I bought.

1. A white quilted handbag
2. White+Mint dress
3. White Shirt
4. Oversized sheer lace shirt
5. Black lace blazer

I could find some of the images of the stuff I bought on Lifestyle website. I couldn't find pics for the rest of the stuff so I guess I have to post my poor quality pics.


Here's the stuff sitting pretty in my closet.

My lovely dress, I haven't worn it yet.

 A sheer oversized shirt. I bought two tank tops from Wrangler, one pink and one blue to wear with this. And it looks really fab.
 Here's a closeup of the lovely sheerness of the material.
 Another white..I call it the holey shirt. This one was missing a button when it came home. I did tried it on in the store, but then who buttons the shirt completely when trying. Luckily I managed to find a similar on at my local store.
The pictures of the black blazer and white handbag will be uploaded soon.

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