Mint dress from Myntra

I am so liking mint this season. I bought a lovely white+mint lace dress from Lifestyle on my last trip to Hyderabad, I am still to publish that post. Ok I repeated myself again and bought a Dressberry lace dress with somewhat mint green color from Myntra. And as it always happens with me, the smallest size available was too large. So this dress will be altered this Sunday and I hope to remove so much material from the sides that I will be able to make a dress for my barbie.

Here's the picture from Myntra (buy HERE)

Look in the picture, how the dress is shown to be body hugging and tight fitting. Look closely in the first picture, the side seams have been altered. The smallest size of this dress still looks like a knee length maternity gown. That was the first thought that came to my mind after looking at myself in the mirror. The oversized unflattering gown in a hospital green color.

Here are the unboxing pics.

The box..

White lace over green

The jhola (baggy) dress
 In my closet

And here, I managed to find an exact inverted replica dress online.
I hope I will soon be able to wear this one after serious alterations.

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