Wall Decal again..

Update: Added more pics

My job allows me only one off per week :( and I choose to spend my dear Sunday on making something or doing long pending work at my house. This Sunday I repainted portions of my house. My whole house is painted white! I just love white. Apart from looking good white color also makes the room brighter as compared to colored walls. So only one light will provide better illumination than in colored rooms as white color reflects light. White painted walls also make the room appear bigger in size.  The only drawback with white walls is that they get dirty very easily. My 5 year old started drawing on the walls few months back and he had to be explained not to do so. Also some civil work had to be done in the house a while back and the people working left hand marks and cement marks on the walls. So repainting was done this Sunday.

A pop of color with white background looks so good in the house. The pop of color can be your brightly colored cushions or your curtains, even your bedsheets. I add that extra pop of color with wall decals.

Here are some poorly taken pics of the decals. I am not able to get good pics because the decals are right below the tubelight and it is the only source of light in the room. The windows are shut tightly for the summer. Even the AC is not effective, it's so hot here.

I bought this decal from Shopclues.com some time back along with two other decals that are already up on my wall. See HERE

I just noticed, all my three wall stickers are about birds. I never realized I bought almost similar ones.

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