A good box is something that I can't throw away. I have a lot of boxes in my house thanks to all the online shopping that I do.  These boxes are so much help when it comes to organizing. I use them in my wardrobe, kitchen, garage and everywhere that I need to organize something. And when I run short of boxes, I run to my nearest grocery store and get some from there.

I bought a 3 pack of some soap and it was beautifully packed in a transparent box. And as said, i could not throw it away. Recycling also happens to be my middle name and here's my recycle project.


The box is really sturdy and big enough to hold my cosmetics. I am not much of a makeup person, so basic essentials are enough for me anytime. A compact, few lip gloss, Olay and my staple black nail paint are always good to go. As you can see I am big fan of Coloressence products and they come in huge sizes as compared to others.

You can also use it to store your lipstick or nail polish on your dressing table. 

Cleaning my dressing table is a very huge task for me. Picking up all the tiny little bottles, cleaning them, then cleaning the surface below and then arranging them back again lakes up a lot of time. So I keep my things in tiny transparent boxes on the table, this way I don't have to take extra pain to clean up the dust settled on the things that I have not used in a long time. Actually measuring the amount of dust on your cosmetics is a very nice way to determine which one to give away. Storing my stuff this way prevents my things from getting dirty, plus save them from any unintentional attacks from my kid. He once smashed a couple of things on my vanity when he threw a ball on them while playing.

So start saving up those boxes and start organizing.

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