VLCC Makeup Brushes from Purplle.com

I was looking for teeny tiny makeup brushes that I can carry with me in my purse for day outs. The ones I have now have long handles and are difficult to carry in small purses. 
Anyways keeping one essential set of brushes in purse is always handy.

I did not wanted to buy very expensive ones and luckily I stumbled upon VLCC Gromme brush kit on Purplle.com

I also bought Maybelline Colorshow Coral Craze along with the brush set and somehow I also got a mini bottle of Clean and Clear face wash as freebie. Some careless shopper am I.

Here are the goodies....

I really hate it when these people ruin the look of a product by applying so many stickers. I like my things clean.

The box was damaged so no unboxing pics this time. Here are the packed products.
The printed packet is the face wash.

The freebie first... A very tiny bottle indeed.. Good to carry while travelling.

 Here is the brush set. The kit contains
1. Eyeshadow brush
2. Blusher brush
3. Lip brush
4. Eyebrow comb
5 Eyeshadow applicator
6. Makeup sponge

Here is a closer look at the brushes. This kit is ideal for anyone who is starting to learn to apply makeup especially for teens.
  And here is the Coral Craze on my nails.
Happy shopping guys.

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