DIY makeup organizer


I finally found this long lost post and the time to update it.

To make a makeup pouch with pockets:

Things you will need.
1. Thick fabric for outside
2. Thin soft fabric for inside lining+ pockets
3. Long zipper
4. Needle +Thread+Scissors

In the jungle that I live in finding anything in the shops is impossible, so instead of purchasing something, I have to use anything and everything that I can lay my hand on at home.

In almost everything I try to make, the outcome of the project isn't decided by what I wanted to make, but by what things I had to make it with. Same for this one too. The size of the pouch that I am making was determined by the length of the longest zipper that i could find. For the fabric I used some old clothes,  I found a velvet jacket in the pile of son's old clothes that I was about to give away and I kept it for the project.

 I did not take pictures at every stage of the process, I get so engrossed in what I am doing that I forget to pick up the camera. So I made a small illustration for the procedure.

Illustration steps explained.

1. Cut one rectangle from the thick fabric (whatever you are using). Make sure the sum of the two edges of the rectangle is equal to the length of your zipper. Its okay if the zipper is a bit long. But it will not work is the zipper is smaller that dimension 'l' of the rectangle, otherwise you will not get an edge to edge opening of the pouch.

2. Cut one more piece of the same size from the lining material.

3. Cut two pieces of lining material with dimensions height: y, length (x+3inches). These will be used for making the pockets.(see illustration)

4. Fold the above two pieces lengthwise and iron them to make a crease.

5.  Spread out the lining material with right side upwards. Place you stuff (do not place too close). Take the pocket material and put it over your stuff. Start from left, align the lower edge and the left most edge, Pin them, Hold your first cosmetic in place and pin the pocket fabric to the other side and pin. Doing this will make sure that the pocket sizes are perfect to hold your stuff, especially bottles etc that need large pockets. Keep pinning until last pocket and the cut any extra fabric. Pin the edge.

6. Repeat the above step for all the items and on both sides. You will have different sizes of pockets as required by your items on both sides.

7. After all your pockets are secured with pins, remove your stuff and sew the pockets. Also stitch the bottom edges to close the pockets.

8. Now we have to sew in the zipper. I am really sorry for not taking any pics for the zipper steps. But it is not that hard at all.

9. IMPORTANT : Unzip the zipper.

10. Take the outer fabric and place it with right side facing up. Take the zipper match the edge of one side of the zipper to the outer fabric with the toothed edge downwards.  Secure the zipper, starting from the middle of one side of the fabric upto the middle of the other side. 

11. Place the lining fabric over it, wrong side facing up, match the edges and secure it with the zipper and the other fabric piece.  

Here's what I did: Pinned the zipper first to the outer fabric, Places the lining material and then, removed the first pin and pinned in the same place again with all 3 items. The sew.

12. Secure the zipper and the fabric for the other side too. Start sewing from the zipper pull towards the other end. LEAVE AROUND 1 INCH UNSTITCHED AT THE END.

13. Use this gap to turn the pouch inside out. Sew this gap with needle and thread or with machine.

And there you are with a brand new cosmetic pouch. I don't like to scramble for things. And this one will have my stuff neatly arranged for me when I open it.

What I made:
Here's the cute little jacket: The front side of the jacket was not usable. It has too much design, rivets and all. I wanted a plain case for myself without any OTT design. The red color was OTT enough for me.

I cut out the rectangle in the size as dictated by my zipper (see illustration below)

I don't have a cutting mat so a thick bunch of newspapers on the floor make up for it. Use a long scae to get straight lines while cutting.

Here's my piece of velvet for the outer portion of the case.
Cut one more piece from a cotton fabric for the lining
Here's the pieces for the pouch, the piece with the red lines is for the inside lining. You can also use foam to make the pouch thick.I used foam to provide cushion to the items.  For using foam, cut a piece same size as outer material and stick foam to the worng side of it. Finally we will sew over the foam and it will not move from its place.
I picked up a salvaged green floral fabric to make the inside pockets. Too much red lines were giving me a headache.

Collect all your essentials. I don't carry much, but here's some of it.

Ok, here's where I stopped taking pics, cut to the finished product. 

Here you can see the unstitched space used for turning the pouch inside out at the end.

See the pockets closely here.

Here's my stuffed makeup pouch, and all the pockets are customized to fit everything I need.

Here's everything I could fit into this cute thing

The trickiest part is installing the zipper you could follow one of the tutorials below that do  not involve sewing a zipper. But I am too scared to loose my stuff and the zipper makes the pouch secure.
Here's how the bag looks when stuffed.

Front View

Top View: Doesn't looks that bad. A bit distorted though

 Show it off

The Inspiration: 

I am always having problems finding my makeup while traveling. 

I carry my makeup in a large zippered bad and I am always fishing for small things like brushes and liners between the large bottles. I have been looking for vanity cases all over the internet but most of them are single pocket.

I found these really simple DIY vanity pouches to store your stuff. These can easily be made at home with a little bit of scrap fabric if you know a teeny weeny bit of sewing.

1. The first one is from  This is a brush case but I will be storing my essential makeup in it when I make it. Click on the image to go to the tutorial.

2. This one is also a cosmetic brush case by Juliette Lanvers. A bit more sophisticated with a button and a lining.  Click on the image below to download the pdf

3. This one is from
This one is a bit smaller and simple 

Click on the image to go to the tutorial


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