DIY washer necklace

For me no day can go buy without making anything. These days I am eyeing anything and everything that I can paint. And the latest victims were a couple of washers. These can be bought at any hardware store and if your husband is the Do-It-Yourselfer around the house, just peep into his toolbox or where ever he keeps his stuff.

I serioulsy wanted to mark this post as Buy or DIY.. but this is a DIY post only. Because.. well.. nobody sells necklace made of washers :)

Here's what you will need.

1. Couple of washers
2. Paint brush
3. Acrylic paint
4. Necklace or (whatever you wish to hang around your neck)

I used Pearl Metallic acrylic colors from Fevicryl Hobby Ideas

Well there absolutely no need explaining the steps. Just grab the washers and paint a few coats of paint until you get the desired result. I applied 7-8 coats of paint to get this result.

Fold the chain into half, pass the center of the chain through the washer and pull the ends through the loop. And there you go.. ready to rock some washer necklace. Make them every color possible. And if you are patient and can handle the paint brush well.. make some patterns too..For those who want patterned washers but are lousy painters like me scroll down for a tutorial link.

Stick some jewels to it to jazz them up some more.

Here's another idea to make a unique pendant. Get some large beads with big holes (so that the ends of the chain can pass through) and make this for yourself.

 Here are a couple of DIYs for more inspiration
 The first one is from Creations by Kara 
The second one is from Small For Big

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