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I have been spotting a lot of transparent or see through bags lately. I simply fell in love with the Furla Candy bag. I wish I could afford one of these. But it was time for me to have one. So I made myself one.
 Here's my bag

I searched the net for cheaper options on Indian websites but failed to find anything of my taste. And the ones I liked were very expensive. So it was DIY time. I looked up for a few tutorials on the internet and the materials required. The bags are quite easy to make but I got stuck up on the materials. I could not find good quality vinyl or studs anywhere.  Why is it so difficult to find anything in India?

I followed tutorial no.3 (given below) cause I already had a transparent pouch that I bought from MAX a few months back (lucky me!). I used it to store my cosmetics while travelling, rest of the time it laid unused in my closet.

Materials I used.

1. Transparent Pouch (from MAX)
2. Chain (ripped off from an old purse)
3. Two rings (from old key chains)
4. Pliers
5. Single hole paper punch (Buy it HERE) or use one end of the double hole punch


1.Punch holes on the diagonally opposite ends of the pouch.
2. Pass the keychain rings through the holes
3. Connect the chain on both the ends to the rings.
And the bag is ready to rock. Use a small colorful pouch to store money or any other items that need to be kept under cover.(A collection of the DIY links is given below)

Here are some similar items that are available online in India. Take your pick.

Here are some options if you following No. 3

I could locate some materials online for the DIY project.
See through pouch
 Also see HERE, HERE
Brads- Buy at  (can be used instead of studs)

ItsyBitsy also has a store in Delhi (lucky Delhi ppl). If you are a craftster then this is exactly the place for you

Please tell me if anyone is able to find Vinyl online
Thats all for now.

UPDATE: I found this on see it HERE


Buy this HERE 
Buy this HERE 

Buy this HERE
Buy this HERE

Buy this HERE 
Buy this HERE

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