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Lace and sheers are so in this season.. I have been buying anything that has lace on it. I have lace T shirts, lace dresses and even shoes with lace. I spotted some cool looking lace bags while window shopping and I needed to have one right away..

I thought of buying but then I stumbled upon this lovely DIY to make a lace envelope clutch and I remembered that I have an old dress (from my childhood) lying in my closet and it is made of similar lace fabric... About old things.. I do have very old belongling still in good condition, because I believe in repairing and not throwing away.

For all the lovely ladies who want to buy, here are the links. I could not find such good lace clutches on Indian websites but there are some amazing designs available on international websites (have a look for inspiration)

Buy these
1.  HERE  2. HERE 3. HERE 4. HERE 5. HERE

Buy this lovely bag HERE

Well here's the DIY from

DIY Neon Lace Clutch
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My sister bought a lovely clutch from Delhi few years back, these kind of clutches were a rage back then. You could buy them for 100 Rs anywhere. I used that clutch for a very long time and now it lay in my cupboard in a battered condition. I could not throw it away because well.. it was gifted with love.

So buying went out of question and DIY it was.

Here's my DIY

Things you will need.
1. An old clutch
2. Lace fabric to cover up the clutch
3. fabric Glue
4. Scissors

Here's my old battered clutch. The texture was gone and the corners were also chipped. 

Here's the lace fabric that I cut off from an old dress

Step 1: Remove the metal pieces from the clutch. Mine were fixed with screws from the inside, so it was fairly easy. I used a watchmaker screwdriver to open the screws.

Here's a picture of the clutch with the removed metal ends.

Step 2: Cut the lace fabric in a size enough to cover the clutch. Remember to leave some extra length for folding inside. I wrapped the fabric around the clutch and then cut off the extra fabric.

Step 3: Glue the fabric on the clutch and fold the edges on the fabric inside to get a clean finish

Ste 4: Restore the metal ends and voila!!! You are ready to rock with a brand new purse.

It's time to go ahead and make your own.

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