Online Shopping for Cosmetics

I do most of my online shopping @

Its a great website in terms of product range, availability, discounts and plus it delivers all over India.
More over you get points for every purchase and reviews. These points can then be redeemed like cash.
Minimum order for free delivery Rs 500

Here is another site that sells Salon products. The main drawback - Sells most products at MRP.
C'mon whats the use of online shopping if you don't get discounts. I bought Loreal Extenso Shampoo and Masque once from this website because that was not available at I had to buy those products at MRP and I have never shopped from it since.

There are a few brands that you can find at Slassy that are not available anywhere else. So no harm in trying.
Minimum order for free delivery Rs 500


Here is another one that sells cosmetics and other stuff (I will post in detail about the other stuff later).
A few salon hair care products are there and lots and lots of cosmetics.  The only drawback I found in shopping with Medplusbeauty is that the dispatch is very late.

Once I ordered and waited 2 days for the products to get dispatched. I thought it might be because of some problem. But it happened again the next time. And the products were to be dispatched from Hyderabad.
For a 5 hour journey from Hyderabad to my place the courier took a good 5 days to arrive after placing the order.
Minimum order Rs 400

A very few people think about while shopping for cosmetics. But time and again I have found amazing deals on Flipkart when others were selling at higher price. Flipkart lacks in terms of range, but if your desired item is there just check the price once before purchasing. And the best part the minimum order is only or Rs 350.

This is it for now. I will be back with more. Keep visiting and happy shopping



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