DIY Thomas the Tank engine for kids fancy dress competition (Halloween costumes)

Hey all,

I was very busy conjuring up something for my kid's fancy dress competition in school.
He was Christmas tree last year, that was made entirely out of paper.
This time since he is a year older.. I decided to make something more complicated and something he is very fond of so that he will enjoy his dress.
After a lot of pondering (mainly googling) I zeroed in on Thomas the Tank Engine.
Now everyone who has a little kid at home knows about Thomas.
I found a link on Pinterest that gave me some hope that I could do it alone. And here's how it turned out

After collecting necessary materials, mainly 2 cartons blue paper, black paper, red tape, black tape, transparent tape, thermocol and lots of glue, I decided to give it a shot.

Here are the initial pics of the structure. I'm sorry they are not detailed because I just forget to take pics when I am engrossed in work.

The cylinder was the tricky part and gave a lot of back pain. I cut out 4 large circles of thermocol and stuck them the white card paper at even distances and then applied glue on the circumference of the 4 circles and rolled the paper over.Then inserted the whole thing into the main structure and secured it.

Here is a picture of my son playing with the semi finished Thomas.He could hardly hold his excitement. My husband meanwhile made an aluminum frame with 4 wheels that rotate 360 degrees and placed the structure on it for my son to play. He is excited.

The above one is nearly finished. I just had to add a roof, Thomas's face (that I drew on paper) and the bottom part with wheels. The bottom part is not very visible in any of the pics. I just added two cardboard pieces on either sides to increase the height of the structure. covered it red and pasted two wheels on each side. To give the finishing touches add some cotton on the chimney and a yellow 1 digit on either sides.

That's all :)

watch video in action


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