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I always loved shoes from Donebynone, but they always seemed to be just out of my budget. I saw them first on FLipkart, Jabong  etc. but then by chance I found out that Donebynone sells stuff through its own website and a few weekends back I happened to open its website  and was shocked to see a flat 50 % sale !!!

I couldn't believe my eyes and before the sale went dry I ordered some cute heels for my self.
These are called "Quite a Good Day Heels". They have a name for all their stuff.. kinda cute :)

I bought them for 899 at the weekend sale

 That's me shopping.. 
Dress from Flipkart. HERE's the post I did when I bought this dress
Bag from Hush Puppies (Available at Bata stores)
Belt and earrings from Jabong
Shoes Donebynone
necklace and hand cuff from my local market.

Here are the real pics of my real donebynone shoes..:) They look so good. The pics are bad..I know. I really need to stop taking pics from my phone and use a real camera. :)

PS: My pics are watermarked. All the rest belong to

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