DIY Favor Bag

Hey all,

I'm doing one of those rare DIY posts :)

I made some cute return gift boxes for my son's birthday. I am one of those people who like to add a personal touch to everything.

I used this lovely template from Minieco

Click on the image to get the template

Here are my lovely goodie bags all lined up. I printed to template on a transparent A4 sheet using a laser printer instead of plain paper. Scoring and folding the plastic sheet was painful but it was more durable than paper. The ends were sealed shut with a cello tape. and I punched two holes on the top of the bag and passes a ribbon through them to close the box.

And then I enjoyed filled the bags with lots of goodness. I filled the bags with chocolates, stickers, small animal figues, a small handkerchief. You can fill it up with whatever you like.

Here are some goodies that could not fit into the goodie bag

I made around 50 more favor bags for his friends in school. 
I made these from brown paper which is readily available at any stationery store. 
I cut the brown paper roll into A4 size pieces so they could fit into my printer. I downloaded a cute font online and printed a message on the paper. I actually made 2 bags from 1 A4 paper. So the messgase was printed twice. and then the paper was cut into two. 

Here are the paper pieces. The colored strip had to be added to the end cause the length on the paper bags was a bit short for the items that i was putting into it. They also added a pop of color to the boring brown.

I stuck the colord strip at the ends.. with a lot of help from my husband and we then folded the pieces to make small envelopes.
The envelopes. I cut the edges using a scalloped scissor.
Here are the lovely pencils.

Some angry bird erasers..Kids love angry birds.

Finished goodie bags in a box, ready to go to school. I also added some stickers and smiley badges.
My kid was delighted:)

Laters ..


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