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Hey all,

After i bought a lot of dresses and  2 handbags from Flipkart, I was in need of good shoes to go along with the dresses. I have a lot of black, brown and beige shoes. So this time I decided to go colorful
Here's what I bought

I bought  blue wedge bellies and a green high heels
Here are the boxes

Inside the boxes

Two lovely beauties

 The green sandals from Steppings

The blue wedges from Evetoes. The material is soft velvet and the shoes are absolutely gorgeous.
 That's me trying them on.

Here's what the shoes looked like on the site
I haven't worn the green ones much but the blue wedges are a regular for me. I wear them everywhere. to office, malls and even in the house :)

A woman can never have enough shoes !!


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