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Here's my latest cosmetics haul from

These are some of the things a woman can't live without. Last week was really bad. I broke a new lipstick, a shade that I wear regularly and I have been buying it for some years. Then I dropped my compact and it was no more compact. It exploded into a million pieces. And I was leaving on a two day trip that very evening. I did not had any backup for my compact and those two days I missed it a lot. I ordered a new one from Snapdeal mobile app while travelling. 

Here are the pictures.
The box...

 Inside the box..
 The contents..

Item no 1: Coloressence Compact.

Those who have read the previous posts of my blog must have realized I am quite a fan of Coloressence products. Not only they have reasonable rates but also twice the quantity than brands like Lakme, Maybelline etc. I like Lakme products also because I have seen my Mom using them since I was a kid. It was the only brand available back then. But their products are really deficient in quantity when compared to Coloressence. I have bought Coloressence Compact for the first time.The shade number is not mentioned anywhere on the box, it was printed on the box cover that I threw away as soon I realised I am not returning the product back to Snapdeal. It was later when I looked at the pics I saw the shade number on the box cover. How will I know during my next purchase what shade I was using? I will have to refer the order history in Snapdeal I guess or remember.

Imagine this happening with lipsticks. What will happen if the manufacturer does not writes shade numbers on them? The makeup world will go into a chaos. Actually chaos is what I am feeling right now. Read below.

Ok, this is odd. I am used to compacts having mirror on the lid and powder at the base. This one works two ways or actually neither way. The box opens up from both sides. There is pressed powder at one end and mirror at the other end. Seriously I have'nt figured out how am I supposed to use it?

Powder end
Mirror end

I hope this picture gives a better angle.

Steps to use the Coloressence Compact (whoever designed this box should have also given an instruction leaflet along with)

1: Open the box from the powder end
2.Apply some powder on the sponge
3.Close that end
4. Turn the box over towards the mirror side so that you can see your face
5. Apply the powder.

In case you missed a patch on your face and need some more powder. Follow these steps.

1.Close the mirror end. Stop staring at yourself
2.Turn the box over
3. Open the powder end
4. Apply powder on sponge
5. Close the powder end
6. Turn the box
7. Open the mirror end and apply powder on your face.

Missed a patch again? Repeat the above steps

After the fiasco with the Coloressence Compact.. Here's Coloressence Lipgloss.. Nothing fussy about it at all. I have tried three other shades (Seren, Crystal look and one more) this is the fourth one. This one is called Mist. Its light purple in color and suits my wheatish skin tone perfectly. The consistency is also just what I like - Not too liquid not too sticky.

And here's the last product, Colorbar nail polish remover. Dear Lakme, I love your products but I am ditching you again on this one because your nail polish remover bottles are made of glass. The cap of the bottle has broken on more than one occassion which leads to evaporation of the remover. Not forgetting the meager quanity of 27 ml for 70 Rs. This one give me a good 110 ml for 125 Rs. And acetone free too. I am not buying you again Lakme.

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