Cello Tape Nail Art

Hey all,

Its been a while since I have been collecting different shades of nail paints. And now its time to try them on.

 I did another simple nail art with cello tape.

Items needed

Two different shades of nail paint, contrasting colors will give a vibrant effect
Base coat, Top Coat
Cello tape

The process.

Step 1. Cut thin pieces of Cello tape and keep aside. This step is to be done first if you are trying to do the nail art in one go. Because if you try to do it when the tape is to be sticked to the nail then there is a chance that handling the scissors may damage the base coat.

Step 2. Put a base coat on the nail.

Skip this step if you don't use a base coat.

Step 3. Apply base color on the nail. Use the lighter or more brighter shade for the base color.

Step 4. Very Important!!! Let the base color dry completely.
If the base color is not dry and hard, the color will be peeled off while removing the tape.

What I do: I apply the base color in afternoon and continue with the rest of the process in the evening or maybe next day.

Step 5: Apply the strips of cello tape in zig zag fashion or parallel style on your painted nails.

step 6: Paint the nails with the darker shade and let it dry.

Step 7: Ensure that the nail paint is dry completely before proceeding to the next step

Step 8: Peel off the cello tape. If the paint is not dry then while peeling off the tape the edges of nail paint will fray and you will not get clean edges.

Step 9: Apply a transparent top coat

Step 10: Show off your nails!!

I did not take pictures of the process but here are some pics of the end result.

This one is black over blue. I tried this one on myself and it turned out to be pretty good. I had cut wider strips of tape which did not make the nail look too good. :)

 This one was on my sister's hand, blue over yellow with much thinner strips of tape.
 which one do you prefer??

 And here's the best one. I call it Indian Taxi. Black over yellow

  see ya.

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