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I have recently started collecting a few stud earrings. Actually I can only wear studs with my office wear which is very formal.
I bought some lovely asymmetrical studs (each earring is of a different design) from and an assorted set from Have a look

 I stored them in a box at first. But in the morning when I am in a hurry to go to office finding a pair was impossible. I looked up the internet on how to organize jewelry but could'nt find anywhere how to store studs so that I can easily pick up a pair when needed.

Here's my cheap and effective method to store stud earrings.

Take a box and line it with at least 1/2 inch thick plastic foam or thermocol. Store your earrings like push pins on a bulletin board.. 

Here are the unboxing pics of the earrings from Myntra..

The heavy big cardboard box that left me wondering what was inside it :)

Inside.. small plastic boxes with a pair of earrings in each one...Ok some of these items are for my friends.. Me and a couple of my close friends order our stuff together so that we can avail some discount and free shipping... We call it "Cart Pooling".. Actually its a very nice way to save some bucks. I mostly have a wishlist ready in all the websites I shop from freuently. Whenever anyone of us is ready to order, others email their links and get the items added in the cart and then shop together. Later we transfer money online to whoever paid. This practice saves all of us a good deal of money by availing discounts that are applicable on a high value of purchase. I never have stuff worth 1500-2000 in one single buy. But sometimes I do want to spend 500 Rs and I want discount and free shipping too so we Cart Pool .

Have fun

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