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Latest Update:
After a lot of searching on the internet and on the Seagate website I was finally able to register the complaint online. And the next step was to deliver the crashed HDD to the nearest collection center. I called one and they said that they will come to my home to collect it.
Nothing happened. I again called a couple of days later and then they said that they will not come to collect. I will have to send it to them. Since I don't exactly live in a city, it will become a full day program to go to center to drop off the HDD. So it kept waiting in my drawer. 2 months later I was finally able to drop it off at the center in Hyderabad. And 2 weeks later I got a refurbished HDD. Same type same model. No questions asked. I appreciate the service from Seagate. Only if the online complaint system would have been easier. Anyways, I had already purchased a WD HDD by then, So this one is a spare. I will take care not to put any important data in it. ;)


Latest Update:  My cute little hard disk crashed a couple of days ago  :(
I lost a lot of data but luckily all my family photographs have multiple backups.
Now I am struggling with Seagate ppl to get a replacement.

Hey all,

I was planning to buy an external Hard Disk to store my ever increasing data, mostly my pictures and videos. I was managing with my very old Seagate 320 GB HDD which has served me well for over 5 years.

I have been carrying this HDD in my bag everyday to work since last 5 years. And there have been many incidents when my bag tumbled down from the desk or it had been exposed to extreme heat and rain. But still my faithful HDD serves me everyday without even a single problem.

But my data cannot stop increasing and I was worried about a backup disk, so I bought a 1 TB Seagate HDD from Flipkart. I paid somewhere near 6000, a bit cheaper ones were also available at Flipkart but when it comes to data, nothing can be compared to Seagate.

Here's a picture of my new 1TB HDD sitting pretty ready to be used.
The package from Flipkart was done very well. Lots of protection for the cute little thing. This one is even sleeker than my old 320 GB HDD.

And the first thing I did was to format it to NTFS, it really increases the speed. This one comes with USB 3.0

Sorry for the shiny pic :)


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