Wall stickers (Decals) to decorate your home

Hi there,

I recently bought some wall decals to decorate my living room and kid's room. I found a lovely website


They have lovely wall stickers of all kinds, cartoons for kids room, mirror stickers, 3D stickers, glowing stickers and even chalkboard stickers.
Not only they are reasonably priced and of extremely good quality, they offer free shipping all over India. I orderd one just as I saw this website.

I ordered. Click on the image to go to the website.


And since I never get satisfied with one. I ordered 2 more from shopclues.  Click on the images to open their respective pages.

I have finished applying the decal from Stickershopee and the bird cage one from shopclues. 

The decal from stickershopee is 100 times better in design and quality than those bought from shopclues. All these costed me nearly the same amount. ShopClues charged hefty delivery charges.
The size of the decal from Stickershopee is much bigger than the one from Shopclues.

So if you are thinking of buying a Decal from your home go straight to Stickershopee.com. The only thing that bothered me is that most of the stuff on their website is sold out. I am wondering when they will restock cause they have some really nice stuff.

Here are the actual images


The sturdy package from BlueDart. I am going to keep this box for my kid to carry his chart papers to school.

The sticker sheet. The pieces are all jumbled up but they look at the top left corner, there is a reference pic. Anyway you can put it up whatever way you like

The blank wall above my sofa. I wanted to make a painting or put a mirror or put up some pics of my kid to fill the space.  

The first piece of the decal is up. This was one big sticker piece and was very difficult to put up alone. You have to avoid air getting trapped inside the sticker. These are transparent and will look equally good on colored walls too. 

The finished decal  on the wall.
Another view of the space to asses the size of the decal.

Here's the one from Shopclues.

The nondescript box from Shopclues and the inside content was even disappointing especially when compared with Stickershopee

I did not take pics of the sticker sheet. But here's the sticker put up on the wall. This one was very difficult to put up because of so many tiny pieces.  Just look at the number of free falling leaves I had to stick. I wanted the decal to cover the entire width of the TV and not just a corner. I did not stick the poem and the flower pots. (see the original pic above)

The other pink decal is yet to be put up. It's also made up of many many tiny pieces.. I will post more pics when its up.


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  2. Brilliant idea for wall decoration. Sony. I love your blog and will keep visiting. xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for liking my blog Kathy.

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