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I have been trying my hand at making logos for the past few days. The simple and boring name of blog on the unattractive images of my blog had really started to look bad and haphazard.

I have started putting small logos on the images to make them look better. I downloaded some free vector art from Freepik.com and edited the Adobe Illustrator files as per my need. right now Adobe Illustrator is the only thing I can work on, Photoshop is still too advanced for my liking. I used a free software called Phoxo to put watermarks on the images and it also gives me the facility to work with layers just like Adobe Photoshop. Here are a few logos that I made from the templates downloaded from Freepik.com. They also have many great vector images, headers and labels etc.

I am trying with many varities of logos because I could not pick just one. Right now the first one is my current favorite. The wreath of little pink flowers looks so good on images. I will be adding more to my collection soon.


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